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The 5 basic T-shirts that every man should have to combine with everything in summer

The 5 basic T-shirts that every man should have to combine with everything in summer

The hot season is here and you need much cooler and more versatile garments that you can take everywhere.

Every man needs a few basic t-shirts in the closet, they are the basis of casual looks, ideal for dressing in layers (when the weather permits) and they can be seen very well even with suits or looks a little more elegant, and they are the Essential garment in the spring and summer season.

The t-shirt is already one of those garments without which we could not imagine the world, but it has its origins in the 19th century, when workers decided to cut their work suits in half to withstand the high temperatures of the hottest months of the world. It is said that the first version appeared in 1898 and that in 1913 it began to gain more popularity when American soldiers began to use it as part of their uniform.

Then came the movies, the fashion brands, the t-shirts that were sold at concerts with the logos and images of the bands, and the point came when men’s fashion t shirts became that basic garment that everyone has in different shapes, colours and prints. At this point in the game, a closet is not complete without them.

What are the basic t-shirts for summer?

  1. The white t-shirt

The white cotton round neck t-shirt became popular thanks to actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean, but also because, being simple, it combines with all colours and can go from casual to semi-formal depending on the rest of the garments with which you combine it.

This t-shirt should not be too tight or too loose, the sleeves should fall at the exact point of the arms and the hem should be at the height of your belt, although you can use oversized versions for more relaxed and streetwear looks.

  1. The striped t-shirt

A French favourite, the striped t-shirt has a nautical influence, making it ideal for the beach, the pool, or just walking around town on a sunny day. The white and blue version is the most famous, but you can wear it in black and white like Elvis Presley or in different colours. In the summer, pastel shades are the best trend, and you can also find them in this type of t-shirts that you can combine with a good pair of shorts or a bathing suit.

  1. The printed t-shirt

With flowers, drawings or your favourite design, the printed t-shirt is a good way to add colour to a minimalist or monochrome look, as well as being a fun and casual garment. To make it look better, you should take into account that there are textures that work best with each skin tone, so you should use the ones that best complement you, otherwise you can look pale or the same shade as the garment, which is never becoming.

  1. The V neck t-shirt

This V-neck style is somewhat controversial, it can be seen very well or very badly, it’s all about the depth of the neck and how you combine it. When using a V neck, it is better to go for a shorter neck, close to your own neck, and you should choose a thicker and better-quality material to avoid looking like you came out with the undershirt.

  1. The concert t-shirt

men’s retro tank tops are worn in all kinds of looks. Your favourite band can be the best partner for the summer, this garment gives a rock style to your outfits and when combined with good jeans or chinos, with your white tennis shoes, you can create an ideal outfit for a date, a meeting with friends or for your weekend plans. If the weather permits, a crib over a light shirt can give it a more sophisticated touch.