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Useful tips you need for cooking duck meat

Useful tips you need for cooking duck meat

After learning the numerous merits of duck meat, a lot ofpeople have considered trying it out for the numerous health benefits associated with it. You can gain vitamin B5 and vitamin 12from eating duck meat which helps your nervous system. Pregnant mothers can also gain irons and other important nutrients from boneless duck breast to safeguard both their health and the fetus formation. d

Aside from purchasing duck meat, knowing how to cook it can make the real difference that you are looking for. It is also the reason to use various recipes availed for you online but first, learn the following tips useful in handling duck meat today.

Wash it clean

The duck meat that needs boiling must first be prepared before cooking commences. Unless you have bought clean duck meat from the stores near you, you ought to thoroughly clean your duck meat especially if it has just been slaughtered. The most important parts to clean is the innards and also the tail of the duck. Do not leave any feathers or hairs on the duck meat as it could mess with the taste of the duck meat.

Boil with spices

A lot of people consider adding spices to the meat when frying but that should not always be the case with duck meat. Having ascertained that duck meat has a unique smell, boiling with various types of spices might just help you get rid of the smell. You should boil it in a traditional pot to get the best taste afterwards. The spices that you are allowed to use when boiling duck meat includes the following:-

  • Lemon grass
  • Bay leaves
  • Orange leaves
  • Galangal

Use lime to drive away smell

Just like most types of fish, duck meat also has its own unique smell that might not be palatable to the nose. Many people can be affected by the smell which is the reason you should tackle the problem before leaving your kitchen. If this is the case with your duck meat, consider spearing lime on the duck meat and leaving it for around 30 minutes before continuing with your cooking. This is an ideal step in making sure thatyou have not just tender but also appealing and attractive duck meat for serving.