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Popular North Indian sweet dishes

Popular North Indian sweet dishes

People staying in the northern part of India have to brave the extreme climatic conditions. Be it summer or winter,food helps keep the body warm or cool to support the climatic conditions. Popular foods of Northern India include both the spicy or savory and sweet variety. North India is famous for the chatpata flavor of the food varieties it houses, but there’s another side of the plate that just can’t be overlooked – the sweets! That’s right; North Indian desserts are absolutely delectable. They are known for their fine texture and subtle flavor.  And here we are going to talk about some yummy dessertsyou can try to prepare at home with minimum ingredients!

Phirni Recipe

Step 1

Take a cup of boiled rice and half a liter of milk and blend them together. Don’t make a paste; thetexture should be a little coarse;you should be able to see rice grains. Now boil this pasteonlow to medium flame. Add 4-5 saffron strands, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar according to taste, and half a tablespoon cardamompowder. A rub or two of cinnamon and nutmeg will add a slight aroma that cuts through the sweetness, giving it a punch of taste, but this is optional, if you like the old traditional stylephirni recipe, you may add them.

Let this preparation cook slowly till the milk thickens. Keep stirring, scraping the edges and bottom of the pan so burn.

Step 2

Once you observe a nice and creamytexture in the milk, add2 tablespoons of choppedpista and anequal quantity of chopped almonds. Stir few times and turn the flame off. Leave it to cool down.Serve immediately with a garnishing of finely groundedassorted dry fruits.

GajarHalwa Recipe

GajarHalwa is fairly easier than phirnirecipe and just as delicious to serve. It almost formsa staple diet in NorthIndian households during winters. There are many methods to make this halwa. You can always find your fit by experimenting.We share the easiest recipe for this dessert.

To prepare GajarHalwa, grate 4 carrots and roast it in a pan with 1 tablespoon of ghee for 5 minutes. Next, add ½ litre milk to this mixture and allow it to cook till the carrot-ghee mixture absorbs all milk.When it is almost cooked, add sugar as per taste and mix it well. Additionally,addMilkmaid in small quantity to intensify the taste and give a fine texture. Now add a teaspoon of cardamom powder.After turning the flame off, add chopped pista, almonds and cashew nuts (a tablespoon of each). Give your GajarHalwa a nice whisk, and it’s ready to beserved!

Garnish with small amounts ofgrated khoya to make the most of its taste and make the dessert look more attractive.