Wednesday 22 May 2024
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7 Clothes to Highlight an Hourglass Figure this Summer

7 Clothes to Highlight an Hourglass Figure this Summer

Do you have an hourglass body shape, an X-shaped silhouette? With the waist tightened and the same width (or almost) between the line of the shoulders and that of the hips? If so, the main asset of your figure is its balance.

To enhance the natural lines and curves of your body, the ideal here is to follow and mark them well. By concealing them, you will instead create a visual effect of widening.

Here are 7 trendy clothes for this summer season, which will allow you to highlight your X-shaped morphology, as it is!

Which summer dress for an X-shaped morphology?

  1. The wrap Dress

The wrap dress is perfect for you.

But it’s just that there is no chance. This cut is really well suited to your figure. Short dress or long dress, floating sleeves or straps, printed or plain, it’s up to you to cook with the style and material that seduce you.

For summer, think about materials like cotton veil or cotton muslin. Lightweight fabrics that breathe are important when wearing a dress that closely matches the body.

  1. Satin strappy dress

Don’t be frightened by the material or the cut: as with any dress model, each woman has her own personal version.

In your case, a strappy dress with a flowing drape works especially with a material that will follow your curves. This is the advantage of silk or satin, which remain flexible while emphasizing the shape of your body.

You can then play on the length depending on whether you want to show off your legs this summer or lengthen your figure with a long dress (telescopic effect guaranteed).

Which summer skirt for an X-shaped morphology?

  1. The pencil skirts

Whatever your size, prefer a midi (mid-length) cut for your pencil skirt. The little ones can lengthen their silhouette by combining it with a top of the same colour to create a pleasant visual effect. This allows you to stay in flat sandals, without having to try to compensate your height with a heel.

If you don’t want to expose your figure too much (and since the skirt is already tight), cheap trendy women’s clothing combined with an oversized shirt tied at the waist or open over a flowy top is the best option.

  1. The long culottes

Well worn, the culotte skirt can be an asset of elegance for you. It stretches the lines of the lower body, simply marks your waist and dresses you up for a night out or a cool cocktail.

Adapt the length to your legs and make sure that the waist is not pinched, so as not to add extra volume to the hips. A fluid fabric is ideal for summer and the sophisticated side.

Which summer women’s pants for an X-shaped morphology?

  1. Straight-cut pants

This summer, whatever the material, let’s claim comfort! Between the slouchy trend, already present for a few months, and the weeks of confinement, it is decided, chosen, ratified.

In canvas, jeans, silk or linen, go for a straight cut, which will simply have to be well adjusted to the waist (this is a bit the prerequisite for an hourglass body type).

What little summer top for an hourglass body shape?

  1. Fluid shirt

You will love cheap trendy women’s clothing for its retro and relaxed touch. To highlight your X-shaped figure, wear a fluid shirt tied at the belt. This allows you to mark the waist well and bring out the curve of your hips.

  1. A body or a tight top

To highlight your shoulders and cleavage, you can bet on cute tops for women that perfectly hug your body.

The tones of summer, for you, are rather neutral (black, white or khaki), as long as you associate cute tops for women with a showy piece at the bottom (flared skirt, straight pants, culottes…).

The collar of the moment is the halter collar. It brings out your shoulders and slims your upper body.