Seafood Specials

Lighthouse Salmon - $15.95
Grilled fillet of wild salmon served with peach-mango salsa and teriyaki wasabi glaze

Pineapple Salmon Curry - $16.95
Grilled fillet of wild salmon topped with a rich red curry sauce and pineapple

Panang Tilapia - $15.95
Golden Fried Tilapia fillet topped with house panang curry sauce, green beans, Thai basil and bell peppers

Pacific Delight - $15.95
Stir fried combination seafood with mixed vegetables, garlic and roasted chili sauce

Seafood Green Curry - $16.95
Combination seafood in spicy green curry with mixed vegetables and Thai basil

Spicy Thai Basil Seafood - $15.95
Combination seafood stir-fried with fresh chilies, garlic, mixed vegetables, bell peppers and Thai basil

Lighthouse Salmon

Spicy Thai Basil

Veggie Green Curry

Mixed Vegetables

Pra-Ram Tofu

For take out orders please call (831) 646-THAI (8424)


Veggie Curry (Red or Green) - $9.95
House curry with tofu, coconut milk, mixed vegetables and Thai basil

Yellow Curry - $10.95
House mild yellow curry with tofu, mixed vegetables and potatoes

Vegetarian Delight - $9.95
Stir fried carrots, bean sprouts, green onions, and broccoli with garlic-oyster sauce

Vegetable Fried Rice - $9.95
Jasmine fried rice with eggs and mixed vegetables

Pad Thai Tofu - $9.95
Popular Thai style pan-fried rice noodles with tofu, egg, ground peanuts, bean sprouts and green onions with Pad Thai sauce

Pra-Ram Tofu - $9.95
Steamed spinach, cabbage, carrots, topped with crispy tofu and homemade peanut sauce

Items marked in red are medium to spicy